ADU Loves: Depuis 1924
Posted by: Helen McLaughlin

A friend of mine has the most remarkable Chanel collection I’ve seen, most of which is vintage given to her by her mother – a woman who has been hoarding designer gear for almost 20 years.

For those of us who don’t have a walk in closet full of mum’s old pearls there’s Depuis 1924,
a website loaded with some of the best vintage designer pieces – jewellery, bags, accessories – I’ve ever come across.

From Gianni Versace rhinestone sunglasses ($700) to one-of-a-kind Birkins and classic 1980s quilted Chanel handbags, the New York-based retailer is our new lunch break browsing obsession, and come payday we might go for those white ‘Chanel Paris’ round sunglasses…

Nadia El Dasher