11 Insane Vintage Versace Pieces (And Where To Get ‘Em)
By Isabel Cafaro

Baroque is breaking out for spring and we are totally loving the return of bold colors and prints. We want to jump on this trend and fast, but – flashback – haven’t we seen this before? Think back to the ’90s and none other than Mr. Gianni Versace, who ran with this Baroque trend and used it to represent his own iconic style that we know and love today. (We’ve even spotted the Gaga toting these bags around town.)
Why drive yourself crazy looking for Baroque-bombed goodies when we can shop for the real thing? NYC based vintage luxury site, Depuis 1924, has all the Medusa heads and gold leaves you need to do Gianni (and Donatella justice). And, to make it easier on your fashion-savvy hearts, we pulled out the best pieces from their site. Flip through for a blast from the couture past. It just goes to show, if it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it (yeah, we said it).